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February 11, 2023

You probably already know that plants are good for your health and the environment. But did you know that they can also be used as decor in your home? It’s true! Here are some creative ways to use plants to decorate your space:


Grow your own terrarium

A terrarium is a decorative, enclosed environment for plants. It’s like an indoor garden that you can bring with you anywhere, so long as there’s enough light for the plants to grow.


The best part? They’re easy to make and care for–all it takes is some soil, some plants (or moss), and glassware with drainage holes in the bottom. Here are some tips on how to create your own:


  • Choose your container wisely. You’ll need something that holds between 1-2 quarts of soil (the exact amount will depend on what type of plant or mosses are going inside). 
  • If possible, look for containers with lids so they don’t get dusty over time–but if this isn’t available then just place something underneath them such as newspaper or cardboard before putting them down somewhere in your home where they’ll get plenty of sunlight throughout each day!


Use wine corks to make a terrarium that looks like an egg carton!

What you’ll need:

A glass jar or bottle with a lid. This can be any size you want, as long as it has an opening large enough for your cork to fit through. It also needs to be tall enough so that when the plant is fully grown, its crown doesn’t touch the bottom of your container.


How to make:

Fill your container with soil and add small stones or pebbles for drainage purposes if necessary (it’s okay if there’s no drainage hole). If you’re making a terrarium in an egg carton shaped container like we did above, skip this step!


Plant some succulents in each section of your terrarium–we used three different types of succulents (jade moss, dwarf baby tears, and trailing verbena) but one type would also look great! 

Make sure there’s enough room between each plant so they don’t get tangled up over time; most importantly though just enjoy yourself while doing it because creating something beautiful from something old feels pretty awesome!


Grow succulents in mason jars

If you’re looking to grow houseplants, succulents are a great choice. They’re easy to care for and can live in small spaces without much effort–you don’t even need soil! Succulents are also drought-tolerant, meaning that you won’t have to water them as often as other plants (though they will still need water occasionally). Plus, they look cute when planted in jars.


Use plants as decor around the house


Plants are an easy way to add some color and style to your home. You can use plants as decor in many ways, like hanging plants or potted plants. They can be used to decorate a room or add some greenery to your home.


If you want to add some green to your space, get creative and try some of these ideas.


Add potted plants to the corners of rooms or on coffee tables. You can also use them as centerpieces at parties by placing them in large bowls or vases with water and colorful flowers that match your home’s theme.


Use plants as a way to bring nature into your home: If you’re more interested in bringing nature indoors than having it outside, then consider using live succulents as decoration on bookshelves or shelves around the house (especially if they’re looking a little bare). 

They require very little maintenance and they’ll look great while they last! They also help keep dust away from surfaces which means less cleaning time later down the road–which we all know is always welcome news around here 😉


Create a hanging garden with floral rope and a basket.

Use floral rope to create a hanging garden, and then place it in the basket.


You can also use this idea to make a hanging flower basket by filling the bottom of the basket with soil, adding plants or flowers, and then placing them somewhere they will get plenty of sunlight!


Use old wine bottles to create a hanging garden.

If you have some old wine bottles lying around, this is the perfect way to repurpose them. Drill holes in the bottom of each bottle and fill each one with soil. Plant seeds or seedlings in each bottle, then hang them from a tree branch or wall for an instant hanging garden! 


You can add more bottles if you want a bigger garden–and don’t forget to add some decorative elements like rocks or twigs for extra visual interest!


Fill up an old cast iron tub with plants and flowers.

Add soil and compost to the bottom of your tub, then plant whatever you want! You can also add a trellis to the top of it if you want to grow vines up there (like grapes). 

If you don’t have any space for a big planter like this, try hanging baskets instead–they’re perfect for creating wall gardens.


Get creative with your herbs and create these cool little herb pots.

Herbs are an easy way to add color and flavor to your cooking. And you can grow them right in your own kitchen!


If you’re looking for ways to make your herb garden a little more interesting, try using a variety of pots with different shapes and textures. For example, we used a large terracotta pot with holes in it as the base for this project. It gives us something tactile to touch when we’re working with our plants–and it looks great too!


Make an artful display by arranging different sized rocks in an interesting pattern.


Use rocks that are different sizes and shapes.


Arrange them in a pattern, like a flower or star.


Use rocks that are different colors and textures, as well as materials like wood or glass beads to make your display even more unique!


Create some greenery on a wall by using this simple DIY idea!

Use a piece of driftwood. If you have a piece of driftwood with a hole in it, this can make for an interesting decoration. You can also get creative and use wood that has been shaped into letters–such as “E” for example!


Hang it on your wall! You can use some rope or string and hang your plant holder from the ceiling or even just lay it flat against the wall if there’s enough space for it to fit nicely on top without obstructing anything else around there (such as windows).


Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration to get creative with your plants. We love seeing how people use their creativity to make beautiful things out of something so simple–and we’re sure that you do too! 

If there are any other ways that you like to decorate with plants or flowers at home, please share them in the comments below!

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