How to Get Your First Plant in 3 Easy Steps

Henry A Castillo

September 20, 2022

multiple plants in pots with white background

Caring for a new plant can seem like a lot of work, and many people never try it because of this thought process. Plants are actually very self reliant beings, able to survive and thrive with just a little love and care. 

Let’s go over three simple steps that will allow anyone to take care of a plant and enjoy everything plants have to offer. 


Do Your Research & Plan

Probably the hardest part of owning and caring for a plant is getting educated. 


Each plant type is unique and carries its own set of unique needs. Do some research on what kind of plant best suits your lifestyle. 

For instance, if you are often on the road and not home often you could look into a more resilient plant that can withstand long periods without water or care. Aloe Vera is a great plant that may suffer more from too much attention than not enough. 

After doing some research you should have a perfect candidate for your first plant. You can search for your target plant through a local supplier or an online provider.  


Next look at what equipment or tools you may need to best care for your new plant. Since each plant is unique you can see that the required items will be different depending on the plant type. An Aloe Vera plant doesn’t need a lot of water, so no need for a watering can. However they do like space in their pot, so make sure to pick a pot that has extra wiggle room for the Aloe. 


All the research can be daunting, but with the right learning sources you can find all the knowledge you need to get started. For Plants is a great learning resource for both new plant parents and veteran plant owners alike. 


Get Started

Now that you have your target plant and equipment list set up, you can get your plant!

It’s best to prep the space and equipment first, this makes the process easier. Once your plant’s new home is all set up you can go out and pick the plant! 

It’s best to go through a local supplier, so you can hand select the plant you want to take home. Make sure to check the plant for any brown spots, deformities, or brittle pieces; all signs of a hurting or dying plant. 

Don’t stress too much about finding the healthiest plant; however, a plant in a good loving environment is sure to recover and come back to great health. 


Take Care of your New Plant

This is the final and easiest part, taking care of your plant. Find a way to make plant care part of your routine and you’ll learn that taking care of plants is a breeze. Check our category Plant Care to get a lot of great info on taking care of your plant.

Water, sun, and care are needed to ensure plants stay happy and healthy. Plants are very expressive, and there are some tell tale signs if something is wrong with your plants. This is why care is so important, if you find a sign of your plant suffering you can help before it’s too late. 


We hope to have provided some insight on getting your first plant. With everything the hardest step is getting started. Once you do you’ll find that caring for your plants is easier said than done and enjoy all the benefits of plants!

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