Indoor Plants Are Not Just To Decorate Your Space – Learn Other Advantages

Alia Sharma

January 2, 2023

person tending to green plants in various pots

Using flowers as well as indoor plants are a great way to increase the quality of your office space and home environment. There are individuals who have their interest in having real plants instead of realistic small trees and silk flowers. The cause behind this is very obvious that the plants are a natural source of the fresh oxygen, clean environment and do offer the chance to get the fresh feeling in your space. 

Being surrounded by colorful flowers and green plants is the best thing that can happen to an individual, and make the day a little more enjoyable. At times individuals do possess an outdoor space of office and home with the same temperature and climate all through the year. Though it is not possible to have the same climate throughout the day, you can easily manage to arrange the ideal atmosphere for you in your home, with the help of flowers and indoor plants.

Indoor Plants 

There are a lot of possibilities and a lot of sources from where the pollutants come into your home which includes, cleaning agents, pesticides, varnish and paint. If there is no proper ventilation in your home, these sorts of products can develop to a dangerous level. 

There are even organic pollutants which are created by living organisms, like pet dander, mold, dust, mites, pollen, viruses, fungi, mildew and bacteria. When an individual is affected from air pollution for a longer duration, it can face the issues like: 

  1. Coughing, sneezing
  2. Respiratory tract infections
  3. Cardiac diseases
  4. Hazardous cancers
  5. Skin and eye irritations


Ways, You Prevent Yourself From Cancer By Placing House Plants, with the mentioned tips below:


  1. Prohibit everyone from smoking in your room
  2. Place 4 house plants in each room or even more as you would like to have
  3. Use tile or wood flooring
  4. Place a carbon monoxide detector in your place
  5. Have proper ventilation in your basements, kitchen and bathrooms
  6. Invest in a good air purification framework
  7. Start using natural cleaning agents to be eco-friendly and avoid chemicals


Indoor plants to deal with air pollution and avoid cancer development:


Boston Fern

This plant requires a place with a cool environment and high humidity and no direct exposure to sunlight. If the place is not humid enough, then the leaves turn pale yellow, put your Boston fern on a tray with water and few pebbles. 


Golden Pothos

This plant can be placed at anyplace in the office or home. You do not need to maintain an ideal temperature or environment for this place; it is the easiest houseplant and can grow anywhere.


Spider Plant

It is amongst the well-known plants. These are easy to take care of, do not have big complications during its growth; treated tap water is not an ideal choice to put in them. These plants like to have regular intervals to dry out in between watering. These plants do possess a large and plump sort of roots which can store water, so it recommended not watering them frequently.

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