How plants affect our atmosphere

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March 29, 2023

Did you know that plants play a significant role in our atmosphere? No matter where you live, plants are an important part of the natural world. They need to be cared for so we can enjoy their beauty and keep them healthy enough to produce oxygen.


We need plant life on earth because they play an important role in our atmosphere

Plants are an essential part of our ecosystem. They provide food, shelter and oxygen for all living things on earth. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis, which allows us to breathe!

Plants absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide, which is released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels and deforestation.


Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. This is a process called photosynthesis, and it’s how plants breathe. Photosynthesis is the only way that living things can make their own food, using energy from the sun to combine water and carbon dioxide with minerals from the soil and air. The byproducts of this process are oxygen and glucose (a type of sugar).

The fact that plants take up carbon dioxide makes them an important part of our atmosphere: they help keep our planet habitable for humans by removing excess CO2 from our air and converting it into life-sustaining oxygen we breathe!


Trees and other plants help reduce the temperature of our planet by absorbing heat from the sun.

Plants absorb heat from the sun and release water vapor into the air. This helps keep our planet warm enough for life to exist on it.

The process works like this: plants absorb energy from the sun through photosynthesis, which is how they make their own food. They use this energy to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into glucose and oxygen (O2). Some of that O2 gets released back into the atmosphere as a waste product, but most of it goes into making more plant material such as leaves or woody stems.


Plants are important for managing climate change and keeping oxygen levels high for us to breathe.

Plants are the most important part of the climate change puzzle. They help us manage the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, which keeps it from getting too high or too low.

Without plants, we wouldn’t have oxygen to breathe either! Plants also provide other benefits like food for animals, materials for building houses and cars (like wood), clothing (like cotton), medicine (like aspirin), fuel for powering machines such as cars and planes…the list goes on!


Plants are an important part of our ecosystem, and they’re not just pretty to look at! They help keep our planet healthy by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorbing heat from the sun. They also help us breathe by providing us with clean air.

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