Decorating Your Deck With Planters – Learn How?

Alia Sharma

February 5, 2023

Spring is just around the corner and with the nicer weather comes the urge to get out of doors and enjoy the warm weather. Your patio or deck is the perfect place to relax or to enjoy a meal during the warm summer months and what could be more enjoyable than to use outdoor planters to decorate your patio or deck and turn it into a comfortable garden oasis.

Outdoor planters can be used in a number of ways to add bright color and the wonderful scent of flowers to your deck or patio. By using planters to help create your outdoor patio or deck décor, you are free to change your décor at any time without worrying about tearing down anything that is built in. It also means that you can move the planters around until you get just the effect you are looking for. Here are just a few ways that you can use outdoor planters to create a wonderful relaxing décor.



Use Large Rectangle Planters To Create A Border For Your Patio

Try buying several identical long rectangle planters and using them to outline your patio making sure to leave an entryway. Then plant Your favorite Lilies, carnations, or others flowers in the planters to give your patio the feel of an outdoor bistro or simply a summer garden. If you have a large patio with a lot of extra space consider using large round planters with miniature orange or lemon trees in the corner to give your patio that secret garden look and feel. You can even choose to place artificial trees in your planters if you live in a climate where orange and lemon trees are not likely to survive.

Turning That City Patio Into A Country Garden

Outdoor planters are ideal for turning that city patio into a country garden especially if you are renting. Using planters means that you can create your own little garden without digging up the landlord’s property. By using outdoor containers of different shapes, sizes, and materials you can easily turn that dull city patio into a beautiful country garden. Choose a variety of interesting plants both shrubs and flowers. Perhaps a rose bush, and a few daisies and black eyed Susan and use them to create your own private and intimate patio garden. Remember even a small city patio probably has room for a small planter holding a miniature rose bush. So simply use your imagination and draw up a plan so you know just how you want your patio to look.

Hang outdoor Planters From Your Deck Roof

You can hang two or three hanging outdoor planters from the roof of your deck to add a splash of color to your entire deck. One great way to use hanging planters is to match the color of flowers in the planters to the colors in your outdoor furniture cushions. This will make your entire deck seem brighter and alive with color. For those of you who want their deck to be a little more private then hanging several planters with long trailing plants along your deck roof will give you the sense of privacy that you long for while creating a wonderful and beautiful ambiance for you to enjoy. By choosing large colorful flowers to put into your hanging planters you can create the feeling of being in a treehouse in the middle of a rainforest.

Don’t Overdo

The one thing you want to make sure of when using outdoor planters to decorate your patio or garden is to not overdo. Sometimes a simple flowering shrub in the corner of a patio or deck is all that is needed to give your patio or deck a whole new brighter look. Keep in mind that too many plants or planters will give your deck or patio a crowded look which is something you want to avoid. Try to keep the use of planters to the perimeter or one or two corners of a large deck or patio. Leave the main space for that outdoor furniture.

In fact, it is better to start with just one or two planters filled with the type of greenery or flowers that you think will best enhance your area and then go from there. If you are at all creative drawing out the patio or deck space you have and then drawing in your furniture placement will allow you to see where a planter or two might add to your decor. You might actually find that something as simple as a small round planter with a house plant will bring your décor all together and create the type of atmosphere you are trying to achieve.

If possible try different size planters in different places to get a feel for the effect they achieve before filling them with flowers, shrubs or other plants. Look through home decor magazines for decks and patios that you really like and ideas that you can make your own. By taking the time to do a little experimenting you’ll be able to get some ideas that will work for you and your specific needs. After all, the purpose of using outdoor planters to decorate your patio or deck is to make your outdoor living space more attractive for you, your family, and your guests.

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