Benefits of Having House Plants You Must Know

Vinay Shrivastava

May 4, 2023

There are numerous benefits of having house plants that not many people know about. House plants make great companions for not only grown-ups but kids as well. Indoor plants not only enhance the aesthetic value of a space, but research has shown that they boost moods, drive creativity, decrease stress, and eliminate air pollutants, which can result in a healthier and happier you.

Plants Make Us Happier

When feeling down, it’s incredible what a walk in the park can do for you. That’s because when we’re near nature, we enhance our well-being. According to studies, time spent in green spaces can reduce mental fatigue, drive relaxation, and enhance cognition.

A Better Environment

Indoor plants can improve our overall environment. They can instantly add immense aesthetic value to space and largely contribute to improving indoor air quality.

Indoor plants improve air quality in diverse ways. Through photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen; via transpiration and evapotranspiration, they release moisture vapor and increase humidity.

Allergy Relief

According to researchers, rooms with plants have less dust and mold than rooms without foliage. Leaves and other parts of the plants act as natural filters, catching allergens and other airborne particles. This added value is best offered by common low-light houseplants like the Chinese evergreen and the peace lily.

Spider Plants for Moisture

Furnaces and air conditioners can sap humidity indoors, especially during the winter, increasing your chances of catching a cold or the flu. This can even make your skin itch. But this can be dealt with easily using houseplants. Houseplants add moisture to the air. A study found that a collection of spider plants increased the relative humidity in a bedroom from 20% to 30%.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Another research has found that when residents in an assisted-living facility potted plants and learned how to care for plants at home, their quality of life improved. According to researchers, it could be because of a feeling of accomplishment or the companionship they felt with their plants. Many participants even talked and sang to plants and felt significantly better.

Indoor Plants Promote Healing

A close relationship with plants can help individuals quickly recover from illness or injury. When we surround ourselves with plants, we can create a natural living sanctuary wherein we feel protected, secure, and safe. Such surroundings help us feel physically and mentally better.

Sharper Focus

Research has found that plants can help raise test scores, making it easier for humans to concentrate on their key tasks and strengthen their memory. It discovered that students who studied in classrooms with three potted plants performed better in tests than other kids who sat without greens. This could be one of the critical benefits of having house plants for students.


To learn more about the benefits of having house plants, contact the For Plants team. They have been helping plant parents make the right plant choices and transform their home with the best houseplants for oxygen and lead a healthy life.

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