Keep your House Plants Healthy with this Indoor Plant Care Guide

Vinay Shrivastava

February 21, 2023

No matter if you are a new plant parent or have been gardening in your house for a long time, it is essential to know the indoor plant care guide. Irrespective of the plants that you have in your collection, they all have similar basic needs. 

In this blog we will discuss how to keep your indoor plants in tip-top shape. At times it may become overwhelming for the new plant parents to keep indoor plants happy. But, they might miss that fact that most of the plants don’t seek that much attention to stay healthy. Besides watering the plants, there are many indoor plants that only need a minimal maintenance a few times each year. Here are some things that you can consider to start with your indoor plant care guide. 

Water your houseplants appropriately 

Different houseplants have different watering requirements, depending on how they’re grown and changes in plant growth across the seasons. This is best suggested to water only as and when required rather than on a set calendar. Generally, plants grown in well-drained soil in an appropriate-size container must be watered when the top 1/2 to 1 inch of soil feels dry. Indoor plants like Cacti and succulents require less water, whereas flowering plants need it more. 

It is important to consider that overwatering plants is among the most common causes of houseplant death. In case you don’t know how much to water, it’s better to err on the dry side than to give your plants excessive moisture.


Fertilize houseplants periodically

There is no standard rule to fertilize a plant. It totally depends on the growth rate and age of the plant and the time of year. Most houseplants are considered for a growth spurt in summer and spring, thus it is the best time to fertilize them. During the short days of winter and fall, most houseplants don’t need much, if any, fertilizer. For best results, you can just search for indoor plant care services near me and you will find some amazing brands waiting to help you make your houseplants greener and leafier. 


Propagate Houseplants When Needed

There are many houseplants that benefit from being propagated by division or other methods occasionally. Propagation helps rejuvenate an overgrown plant and encourage fresh growth. Also, it is an affordable way that plant parents must get more plants out of the ones they have. 


Repot Overgrown Houseplants

If you have doubts about whether your houseplants need repotting or not, check the root systems. If the roots are circling the inside of the container, you must repot the plant. If the plant has outgrown its pot, it is recommended to transplant it into a slightly larger container. If you want to keep it in the same pot, you can consider trimming some of the roots with a sharp knife and replant it into the container using fresh potting soil.


Rely on the Best Indoor Plant Care Services for Optimal Care

Having an indoor plant care guide is a bliss but if there are still areas where you need help or you don’t often get time to look after your beloved plants, it’s time you search indoor plant care services near me and you will get some options you can choose from. 

For Plants is one such brand which has been helping plant parents add life to their home by making the right plant care decisions at the right time. 

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