A Hanging Flower Pot is a Fabulous Garden Sculpture

Alia Sharma

January 2, 2023

hanging flower pot in room

Hanging flower pots are attractive and versatile garden sculptures that can improve any architecture. Hanging flower pots are excellent in various environments including malls, office buildings and campuses. They are durable and adapt to any surroundings.

Hanging flower pots can be used to welcome customers into a store or as an indoor planter in lobbies and offices to warm up the waiting area. Great for indoor and outdoor use, garden sculpture is perfect for those looking for minimal maintenance and maximum durability.


Planting a flower pot can be a convenient and satisfying way to grow flowers, vegetables, bushes, trees and anything you can dream of. That is the beauty of planting with hanging flower pots you can use your imagination.


It really doesn’t matter what you plant when it blossoms it will add color, texture and life to any home or commercial setting. Landscape architects design areas with garden sculpture so they are not only functional but also beautiful and harmonious with the natural environment.


There are so many different varieties of special soil out today that it can be confusing to decide what the right type to use is. Doesn’t it make you wonder how the old time farmers ever grew anything? I have tried many different soils and they did seem to be pretty good. With a green thumb I believe that compost or a little backyard dirt can be your best bet.

Just make sure that you add some vermiculite so that the plant is sure to drain well. Your flower pot should have holes in the bottom for drainage, if not place broken pieces of a clay pot in the bottom so the water will have a place to drain and not be on the roots of the plant.


Hanging flower pots are garden sculpture that will give birth to whatever you decide to plant in it. So pick plants depending on height and color and where you plan to place the flower pot. You can make even the dullest of spots bloom with color with the help of a flower pot.

Just keep in mind your setting and what it is that you wish to highlight. Sometimes I will use a variety of sizes and shapes to complement my landscape or a matching pair to bring things together.


If you invest in concrete flower pots they will be sure to age gracefully. They are a classic choice for outdoor use and depth to your garden sculpture. If you prefer a lighter weight then you can go with composite materials that have the look of stone but are lighter in weight and a little easier to move around.

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